As a teacher, Helene Phillips pulls from experience. Beginning in the 1980’s, Helene was quickly named one of the top dancers of her time. She was one of the original “Solid Gold” dancers as well as lead dancer in such movies as “Stayin’ Alive” with John Travolta, “Dr. Detroit” with Dan Aykroyd, and “Going Berserk” with John Candy. This experience opened up many doors for Helene whose career rose to new levels starting with assistant choreographer on the film, “A Chorus Line” featuring Michael Douglas and then segued to calling all the shots on Michael Jackson’s 3D film, “Captain EO.”

Helene Phillips has been teaching Advanced Jazz at Edge Performing Arts Studio in Hollywood, California for 2 decades as well as giving Master classes worldwide… Brazil, Toronto, Mexico, Japan (BDC), New York (BDC), Joe Tremaine’s Intensive Workshops, and Talent on Parade that teaches throughout the mid-west. She has also taught at several Universities such as: Loyola Marymount (LA), Arizona State, PACE (NY), and TAPS - Theatre Arts Preperatory School (Las Vegas).

Helene’s philosophy is focusing on each student as a “whole” and as a “brand.” “Being a dancer means a lot more than knowing how to point your foot or kick high, so I walk them through the entire process… from confidence, commitment, nutrition, taking care of your body, having the right attitude and appearance to getting gigs and networking in the dance world.”

In essence, Helene Phillips teaches “the pride of a dancer,” promoting confidence and commitment to all her dancers!