Inspired and honored to bring, share, and enrich the dance community with such a talented Faculty in her hometown of Auckland New Zealand. Renee is very thankfull for a tecnically trained and diciplined foundation she recieved growing up in a small but passionate country, and is thrilled to see the dance community is stronger than ever.
Renee has been dancing professionally in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and around the world since the age of 18. It is a huge credit to the LADF convention that came to New Zealand once a year when she was younger to really give her the opportunity to explore other styles and really get excited about the dance business outside of the local studio and syllabus work ethic which lays our foundation.
Renee trained at The Edge Performing Arts Center in hollywood CA, graduated and gained a prestigeous spot as Radio City Rockette at 18. Renee then toured as a dancer for latin super star Chayanne, performed at the MTV awards, Country music awards and danced on T.V show American dreams.
Renee has choreographed and produced corporate shows for Nike and 
has shared the stage with celebrities such as the Pussy Cat Dolls, TATU,
Def Leppard, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, Kellie Pickler,
and Luke Bryan. Performing in dance shows, corperate events, conventions, and private celebrity parties has kept her busy working amoungst creative and passionate artists all around the world. 
My only goal is to give back to the dance community in New Zealand by bringing annually, valuable and unforgetable experiences provided by my extremely talented faculty of American dance teachers and professionals in the world of dance in the U.S.A. Cant wait to award one of a kind scholarships and opportunities for the talent here in New Zealand.
Lets Dance!!